Bask in the Moon's ethereal glow at Boola Bardip, as we welcome you into a captivating lunar art space where Earth’s closest celestial neighbour is within arm's reach. From waxing to waning, the moon has entranced scientists, artists, poets, and dreamers for centuries. 

This exhibition serves as a time capsule, bridging ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dreamtime stories to contemporary pop culture, from the Apollo 19 Moon landing to those iconic lunar footprints. It's more than a passing phase—it's a cosmic multiform journey awaiting exploration. Imagine blasting off into a realm where humanity's first lunar steps are reimagined, where jazz melodies accompany blue moons, and writers’ tales grace Hollywood screens.

Over 50 years ago humankind took a giant leap, 384,400 km from Earth, to satisfy its fascination with the moon and celebrate a pivotal moment in space exploration.

This exhibition invites us to soar through the Moon’s hidden craters and enigmatic valleys. To the Moon goes beyond observation, showcasing the historical stories and artistic interpretations of this hallmark of the night sky. 

Join us on an odyssey through space and time, where art, science, and digital mediums illuminate our understanding. Here, the secrets of one of the great symbols of our culture, are revealed.    

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