Trust Me, It’s the End of Our World After All

16 August - 3 September 2022


Presented by Beyond the Yard Theatre

Nuclear Family Drama

Holly’s the eldest; the one who goes above.

Carrie’s the youngest; the one who needs protecting.

And then there’s Marcus; smack bang in the middle of everything.

That’s how it’s been and always will be.

And then there was an intruder…

Living in a web of lies of their own creation, the fractured relationships between three siblings are blown apart with an unexpected arrival to their metallic humble abode.

Set against a nuclear apocalypse the lines of truth are blurred in this high-stake family drama that fuses together the tropes of reality TV with an electric glam rock aesthetic.

This original work presented by writer and director Terence Smith (52 Hertz, Sink) is ready to provide a frisson of exhilaration that will spill the tea on all those juicy family secrets lying just below the surface.

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  • Tuesday, 16 August 2022
  • Saturday, 03 September 2022