James Street Amphitheatre

The event area closest to the William Street dining and shopping strip, and adjacent to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), the State Library of WA and the State Theatre Centre of WA.

The Amphitheatre features an extensive stepped seating area. There is an existing ground level stage area, event lighting infrastructure and an outdoor ‘bio box’ area. The James Street Amphitheatre is well suited to single stage music, cultural and dance festivals. The site can also house mid-sized infrastructure such as circus tents, marquees and stages.

Venue specifications

  • Approximately 1,000m² (including steps)
  • Ground Level area approximately 550m2
  • Capacity approximately 1,000 persons
  • Power and water supply available
  • Vehicle access from James and William streets through controlled automated bollards
  • The impact of event noise on surrounding institutions must be considered