Central Square

Extending between the State Library of WA and the Art Gallery of WA, Central Square features ample shading from trees in some areas and attracts pedestrian traffic through each of the entry points into the Perth Cultural Centre.

The area is serviced by Polly, an outdoor cafe . The space is well suited to family friendly and student focused events, installations, surveys, experiential marketing and as a mustering point for scavenger hunt/team building activities.

Venue specifications

  • Approximately 13,000m²
  • Capacity approximately 1,000 persons
  • A permanent vehicle and infrastructure exclusion zone of 5 metres is in place around the “Makigawa” sculpture
  • Due to subsurface irrigation of grassed areas no staking is permitted
  • No obstruction to State Library of WA entrance is permitted
  • Power available 
  • Vehicle access via Beaufort Street